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120D10 120 VAC, 10 Amp, DC Controls Solid State Relay (SSR)
B4 32-Channel Digital Brain Pamux  
G4BATT32 3.6v Battery For G4 Series Controllers
G4IDC5 G4 DC Input 10-32 VDC - 5 VDC Logic
G4ODC5 G4 DC Output 5-60 VDC 5 VDC Logic
IAC5Q 4-CH AC Input 90-140 VAC 5 DC Logic
ODC5 DC Output 5-60 VDC, 5 VDC Logic
PB32HQ Quad 8-Module Rack W/Header Connector for B4 Brain 
SNAP-AIMA-4 Snap 4-Ch -20 MA to +20 MA Analog Current Input Module 
SNAP-AIMA-i 2-Ch Isolated -20 mA to +20 mA Analog Current Input Module
SNAP-AIRTD Snap 2-Ch 100-Ohm Platinum RTD Analog Temperature Input Module 
SNAP-AITM-2 Snap 2-Ch Type B,C,D,G,N,T,R, or S Thermocouple Analog Input Module 
SNAP-AIV Snap 2-Ch -10 VDC to +10 VDC Analog Input Module
SNAP-AIV-4 Snap 4-Ch -10 VDC to +10 VDC Analog Input Module
SNAP-AIV-i Snap 2-Ch Isolated -10VDC to +10VDC Analog Volt
SNAP-AOV-25 Snap 2-Ch 0-10 VDC Analog Voltage Output Module  
SNAP-HD-BF6 Header Cable for Snap High-DensityDigital Modules and Breakout Racks-6 ft 
SNAP-HD-CBF6 Wiring harness with flying leads for SNAP 32-channel I/O modules - 6 ft. (1.8 m) 
SNAP-IAC5 Snap 4-Ch 90-140 VAC Digital Input Module  
SNAP-IDC-32 Snap 32-Ch High-Density Digital Input Module, 10-32 VDC 
SNAP-IDC5 Snap 4-Ch 10-32 VDC Digital Input Module  
SNAP-IDC5FAST Snap 4-Ch High-Speed 2.5-16 VDC Digital Input Module 
SNAP-IDC5-FAST-A Snap 4-Ch High-Speed 18-32 VDC Digital Input Module 
SNAP-IDC5Q Snap 2-Axis Quadrature Position Input Module  
SNAP-IDC-HDB Fused Breakout Rack for Snap High-Density Digital Input Module 
SNAP-OAC5 Snap 4-Ch 12-250 VAC Digital Output Module  
SNAP-ODC-32-SNK Snap 32-Ch High-Density Digital Output Module, 5-60 VDC Load Sinking 
SNAP-ODC-32-SRC Snap 32-Ch High-Density Digital Output Module, 5-60 VDC Load Sourcing 
SNAP-ODC5-I Snap 4-CH Isolated 5-60 VDC Digital Output Module
SNAP-ODC5R Snap 4-Ch Dry Contact Digital Output Module, Normally Open 
SNAP-ODC5SNK Snap 4-Ch 5-60 VDC Digital Output Module  
SNAP-ODC5SRC Snap 4-Ch 5-60 VDC Digital Output Module  
SNAP-ODC-HDB Fused Breakout Rack for Snap High-Density Digital Output Module 
SNAP-PAC-EB1 Snap Pac Ethernet, ANA/DIG/SER w/High Speed Digital Counting 
SNAP-PAC-EB2 Snap Pac Ethernet Brain, Analog/Digital/Serial  
SNAP-PAC-R1 Snap Pac R-Series Programmable Automation Controller 
SNAP-PAC-R2 Snap Pac R-Series Programmable Automation Controller On-The-Rack 
SNAP-PAC-RCK8 Snap Multifunction 8 Module Rack  
SNAP-PAC-RCK12 Snap Multifunction 12 Module Rack  
SNAP-PAC-RCK16 Snap Multifunction 16 Module Rack  
SNAP-PS5 Snap Power Supply, 110 VAC to 5 VDC  
SNAP-PS5U Snap Power Supply, 110-250 VAC to 5 VDC  
SNAP-RACKDIN Snap Rack Din-Rail Adapter Clip
SNAP-STRAP Snap Jumper Strap for Digital I/O Modules  
TERM 1 Pamux Bus Termination Card